Aspire Doors manufacture a variety of insulated doors for cold-room and freezer applications including:

Crash  |  Louvre   |  Hinged  |  Sliding  |  Manual   |  Automatic

The insulated door ranges for cold room or freezer application are genuinely high quality, robust and contain heavy-duty rail systems. Moreover, in accordance with the new European EN 1634-1: 2001 standards have a 1-hour fire resistance. You can specify manual or automatic operation and can rest assured that the electric drive units are fully compliant to the latest standards, therefore safe and reliable.

Our hinged and sliding insulated doors are finished as standard in white food safe Stelvetite, which is ideal for food preparation areas. All Aspire Cold room insulated doors meet the required international standards. Further finishes are available upon request to meet your specification.

Hygienic personnel doors, insulated strip curtains, crash doors and PVC strip curtain solutions are also available specifically for use within:

  • Cold stores
  • Food factories
  • Dairies
  • Kitchen/Catering facilities
  • Abattoirs
  • Breweries and bar areas
  • Pharmaceutical applications for example blood and medication storage facilities
  • Retail and leisure applications

Aspire Doors choose Fermod fittings for the standard door sets, which provide an industry-recognised quality. (Link to Fermod fittings)

There are many stock solutions that Aspire doors can provide, however, a particular strength of our manufacturing facilities ensure we can produce bespoke doors to meet your application requirements. Moreover we thrive on presenting you the perfect solution. Please contact a member of the Aspire Doors design team on 0161 785 0890 who will be pleased to provide you with further information regarding our insulated door range.

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