Installing the insulated rapid roll door combines high speed with high insulating power, significantly reducing the ‘open-time’ therefore, keeping cold loss at a minimum and energy savings at a maximum.

Energy performance calculations conclude that annual wasted energy comes from several hundred hours of open doors. Whilst a doors main purpose is to open and close, the insulated rapid roll door from Aspire Doors has been specifically designed and built for use in cold stores where there is a lot of daily traffic providing effective insulation.

The DS800 Rapid Roll door is made from heavy robust stainless steel, that not only provides an essential easy to clean surface, but maximum strength to impact resistance – key performance indicators of the industry.

The high quality rapid roll door systems doors have minimum wearing parts and are built to withstand collision often causing the door leaf to be pushed out of the track. This unique system comes with a fault indicator system, which displays a clear message as to fault location, furthermore eliminating, unnecessary down times that may affect productivity.

Aspire Doors fully believe in the performance of their products, the DS800 rapid roll door is patent protected. Particularly the door cloth and the superior sealing system patent, which ensures that the cold and warm air does not meet to generate condensation. The door cloth has 43mm thickness with built in stabilisation offering a higher rate of insulation and wind resistance.

The high speed roll doors is suitable for freezer applications featuring a 43mm thick insulated curtain with a U Value of 0.9 which reduces thermal transfer when the door is in the closed position.

The door offers an opening speed of up to 2.0 metres per second and closing speed of 0.6 metres per second, thus reducing the time the cold air has to be replaced within the cold room.
In the event of a collision the curtain can be easily re-inserted back into the guides in seconds and with no expensive electronics or heavy metal bars it reduces down time and expensive repair/call out costs.

We can offer a range of high-speed doors to suit many different applications. Through years of development we can offer a door to suit the most demanding environments and exceed the customer’s expectations.